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Our mission is to support educators and education institutions around the world and help them modernize their activities

About us

Belgian Education Council conducts its activities from the capital of the European Union - Brussels. Since 2014, we have been working to modernize and improve the education sector and contribute to the expansion of the potential of both teachers and education institutions around the world.
Advanced training Programs, lifelong learning opportunities, scientific conferences, introduction of the innovative technologies in the educational process, assistance in attracting EU funds and grants for research - these are just some of the areas for our cooperation with you.
Professors and teachers from countries of Central Asia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia take part in the in-person and distance programs of the Council. In addition, more than 10.000 teachers from all over the world have already joined our international educational movement CYBERPROFESSOR.

We help Educators

To get rid of the fear of innovation and online technologies in teaching
To organize distance learning for students easily and quickly
To master and implement the relevant teaching methods and tools
To restructure the professional thinking for the successful adaption to the rapid changes
To get motivated and to enjoy working remotely
To deepen the personal potential of the teachers and expand the financial possibilities

We are trusted!

Ministries of education and science, educational institutions, accreditation agencies, educators and other academic partners trust the Council 



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Our activities

Advanced training programs

How to create video lectures in 30 minutes

Gamification in online education

Active learning methods in online education

Learning animation with characters in 30 minutes

International educational movement "Cyberprofessor"

For our Council, as well as for the education in the whole world, year 2020 became one of the brightest and most memorable periods of the activities. Most of our programs have been adapted for distance learning, as well as the following movement was created International educational movement "Cyberprofessor" with the aim
  to help teachers and education institutions to quickly adapt to the new educational environment, 
  to teach how to give knowledge and improve the quality of the educational process using the distance and blended learning formats,
  to motivate the teachers to introduce the innovative technologies into their practice and enjoy the remote learning format.


Participants of the movement take part in a series of master classes where they develop their skills and knowledge necessary for the effective teaching using the distance-learning format. Participation in the master classes is free; the meeting takes place once a week. The recording of the master class is available to all registered users.


All participants of the movement join the Telegram community, where useful materials are regularly published, there is live communication between the participants and the coach, as well as it is possible to share experiences and ask questions


The final stage of the movement is the implementation of the acquired knowledge. Our professional development programs will help you turn knowledge into skills. Without passing this stage, it is not possible to implement new knowledge in practice, and the remote learning format will remain at the same level.

Official partners of the movement

Do you want to join the movement?

Participation is free of charge. Please, leave your email. We will inform you about the start of the next learning stream.
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