Code of Conduct

1. Introduction

EduCouncil Sprl is committed to providing the best educational experience to all our Users. Our Code of Conduct reflects the ethics and values ofEduCouncil Sprl and our learning community.
As a member of the EduCouncil Sprl community, you have the opportunity to communicate with educators and other learners from around the world, and to learn from each other. To ensure the success of everyone's learning experience, we all agree to conduct ourselves with honesty and respect towards fellow learners and educators.
Therefore, as a User of the EduCouncil Sprl website, you agree to the following.

2. General Principles

EduCouncil SprlAll activity on theEduCouncil Sprl Website must adhere to this Code of Conduct. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in temporary suspension and/or removal of your posts from the EduCouncil Sprl Website. 
  • EduCouncil Sprl aims to treat every User equally and resolve disputable situations fairly and promptly. However, resolving some issues may require additional time and communication. We may not be able to respond to every post or monitor every dispute. If you encounter any issues, we recommend contacting us directly at the official email address provided below. While peer responses are often helpful and appreciated, they do not constitute official communications from EduCouncil Sprl, and no liability claims against EduCouncil Sprl can be based on these responses.
  • As a User, you retain the rights to any content you post on the EduCouncil Sprl Website. By using our Website, you grant EduCouncil Sprl a perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use and commercialize any content you post on the EduCouncil Sprl Website. By posting on our Website, you grant EduCouncil Sprl the right to use any content within the post without restriction or compensation.
  • By posting on Our Website you permit EduCouncil Sprl to use any content you post on our social media channels, in our marketing materials, or in articles about EduCouncil Sprl printed or posted by third parties. If EduCouncil Sprl chooses to use your content with your image and full name included, we will contact you in order to ask for your permission beforehand. All rights to the final work produced in this case will be retained by EduCouncil Sprl.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all content posted on the EduCouncil Sprl Website may be publicly visible and searchable online.
  • If you delete your EduCouncil Sprl account, your posts and private messages may still be stored by our Website and used in accordance with the terms stated in this Code of Conduct unless you explicitly express your intention to withdraw them from our Website. In the latter case, you will need to contact EduCouncil Sprl directly in writing by sending a communication to the official email address provided below.

3. User Responsibilities

  • As a User of a EduCouncil Sprl Website account you must be at least 18. By commencing the use of a EduCouncil Sprl Website you confirm having full legal capacity and being able to take full responsibility for your actions in any potential disputes.
  • You are permitted to register for only one account and must utilize an appropriate profile name. Profile names must not impersonate another person (living or deceased), other users, or brands, and must comply with this Code of Conduct.
  • You are prohibited from engaging in any activities using another user’s account, whether with or without their permission. Impersonating another user and participating in any activities on the EduCouncil Sprl Website profile of another person may result in temporary suspension and/or reassessment of the corresponding learning activities. In the event of an intended violation of this Code of Conduct being proven, involving both impersonating and impersonated parties, this may lead to unfavorable consequences for each respective party.
  • All comments and assignments you post and send must be your own work. If you quote anything from another source, you must provide appropriate credit to the author. You are not permitted to copy another user’s work and present it as your own. Should you wish to quote text from another source, remember to include information regarding the source, such as the URL if quoted from the internet. If you are found to have misrepresented another person’s content as your own, this may result in the reassessment of corresponding learning activities, temporary suspension, and other unfavorable consequences.
  • When posting any content on theEduCouncil Sprl Website, you must maintain respect for other individuals. You are prohibited from using offensive or inflammatory language or sharing content that may be offensive to a particular person or group of people. This includes, but is not limited to, language, names, or content that is sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, antisemitic, Islamophobic, sexually explicit, abusive, contains swearing, or is otherwise likely to be considered offensive behavior. You are reminded to act with care within an inclusive learning environment in order not to offend individuals who may be of different ages, nationalities, religions, cultures, backgrounds, knowledge, abilities, and experiences. Intentional violation of this clause from the Code of Conduct, if proven, may result in temporary suspension, removal of the offensive content, and/or, in particular cases, legal action against the accused party. However, given that online communication through text can sometimes be misunderstood, it is important to afford other individuals the benefit of the doubt, as it may be challenging to fully appreciate the situation of the person you are communicating with. In the event of any issues, we recommend contacting us directly at the official email address specified below.
  • While being engaged in the learning activity you are taking part in all the tests and assessments honestly, and you do not use answers provided by other Users and do not share your own answers with other Users through any means of communication unless the assignment or the educator clearly tells you to do that. Intentional violation of this clause from the Code of Conduct if proved may cause reassessment of the corresponding learning activities, temporary suspension and other unfavorable consequences.
  • As your purpose for using the EduCouncil Sprl Website is learning, not advertising products or services, you do not use Our Website as a means for campaigning.You must not promote any commercial, personal and not-for-profit websites, for example, post a link to your personal website in your EduCouncil Sprl profile. However, if a particular assignment/ educator clearly states that posting a link is permitted in an activity as part of a course.
  • Repeatedly posting off-topic comments and identical (or near-identical) comments for the purpose of promoting or campaigning for something, even if not commercial, will be considered spam. Off-topic comments, unrelated to the overall subject of a course or the specific subject of the learning content, are prohibited. Intentional violation of this clause from the Code of Conduct, if proven, may result in temporary suspension and removal of the corresponding spam content.

4. Conclusion

The Code of Conduct has been formulated in order to consider the interests of learners, instructors, and administrators. We will continue improving these rules in a manner that involves all stakeholders in the development and implementation of a fair online learning environment.
As a member of the EduCouncil Sprl community you can help by reporting any content that you believe has broken this Code of Conduct. All notices / communications shall be given by email to