Neural Networks in Education: Revolution, Pandora's Box or Roadblock?

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30 Nov 2023

Three challenges that neural networks have already posed to education

A New Landscape

AI is changing the technological landscape, quickly learning, and already performing routine pedagogical tasks better than humans

New Roles

AI contributes to the emergence of new roles in the educational process, shaping the requirements for these roles: areas of responsibility, qualifications, and attitudes

New Ethics

The integration of AI in education raises questions about its ethical use, risk minimization, and increasing transparency

Challenge Accepted!

Modern educational institutions do not question whether to accept these challenges or not. Therefore, we invite you to explore the theory and practice of implementing AI in the educational process together.
  • What do you need to understand about the workings of neural networks?
  • How is AI already being applied in global education?
  • How to ensure a balance of human-AI interaction?
  • Is a neural network an additional burden or a way to lighten the load?
  • How to set tasks for a neural network to achieve the desired outcome?
  • How to evaluate students' work done by neural networks?
  • Which neural networks can be used in the educational process right now?

Who are we inviting?


Those who have heard something but have not yet delved into the subject and are poorly informed about the ways of applying neural networks

Interested Individuals

Those who already have experience using neural networks in pedagogical practice and want to develop in this direction


Those who are looking for new effective tools to optimize the processes of educational institutions

What to Expect

AI tools for education
participants from different countries

What will participants receive?

Practitioner Speakers

Speakers who already have experience using AI and are ready to demonstrate its work in action


Practical workshops that will help you get started and achieve success

Conference Materials 

The access to the conference materials will remain available to the participants forever


European certificate in English (electronic)
40 euro
conference Materials


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