Exploring the advanced experience of inclusive higher education: Cambridge University

In-person professional development program

England: Cambridge and London


In person


November 2024


Starts at €1800

About the program

The goal of the program is to study the best practices in implementing inclusive education in higher education institutions using the example of the University of Cambridge. Participants will learn about successful practices and innovations that will help them apply similar strategies in their own universities.

The main objective of the program is to help participants develop specific roadmaps for the development of  inclusive education in their educational institutions.

The program includes:
 Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge
 Cambridge Library and Information Resources
 Center for Supporting Accessible Education for Students with Special Needs and Disabilities
Studying the experience of London universities


The 1st day

Arrival in Cambridge
  • Meeting and transfer from London airport to the hotel
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Free time

The 2nd day

Greetings to the participants by the Head of the Belgian Education Council and the University of Cambridge team
  • Presentation of the program, introduction to the team and activities of the Council, acquaintance with the University of Cambridge
Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge
Session 1. Inclusive education: the Cambridge experience
  • Presentation of approaches and systems for implementing inclusive education at the University of Cambridge
Lunch break
Session 2. John Harding about his experience working with people with disabilities
Session 3. Library team on accessibility of educational resources

The 3rd day

Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge
Session 4. Approach to inclusion in universities of Central Asia
Session 5. Reasonable Accommodation: Policy and Implementation
Lunch break
Visit to the Resource Center for Supporting Accessibility and Disability at the University of Cambridge
  • Familiarization with the infrastructure and resources provided by the Resource Center for Supporting Accessibility and Disability at the University of Cambridge. Demonstration of the practical application of inclusive measures.

The 4th day

Breakfast. Departure to London
Visit to London
Meeting at one of the universities with innovative inclusive education
  • Exchange of contacts and insights, negotiations on cooperation
Free time
Return to Cambridge

The 5th day

Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge
Session 6. Assistive technologies
Session 7. Universal design for learning and teaching
Lunch break
Session 8. Promoting an inclusive culture
Session 9. FERSA – Neurodiversity of students

The 6th day

Session 10. Master class. Development of a roadmap for the advancement of inclusive education in our universities
Lunch break
  • Team presentations, discussion and analysis session

The 7th day

  • Breakfast
  • Transfer to the airport, accompaniment
  • Departure

Cost of participation

€ 1800 per participant for a group of 20 representatives if paid before October 2024
Afterwards, there is a planned 10% increase in cost due to the rise in accommodation expenses.

The cost includes

  • Double occupancy in a 3-star hotel
  • A single room requires an additional payment of €600.
  • Breakfast at the hotel for 6 days
  • Lunches for 4 working days
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel
  • Transportation to London and back
  • Public transportation during the program
  • Transfer to the London airport
  • Academic program in Cambridge
  • trip and academic program in London
  • Translation into Russian
  • Work of coordinators 
  • Accompaniment
  • Coordination of meetings
  • Fees for European partners and trainers
  • Issuance of European standard certificates 
  • Visa support (personal invitation from the Council)

The cost does not include

  • Travel insurance, visa fees 
  • Airfare
  • Dinners

To submit an application

Do you have any further questions?

+32 4 86266103 (WhatsApp, Telegram) – Axana